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Rothenbaumchaussee 10
20148 Hamburg

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Elysee TV - Videos of the Grand Elysee Hotel Hamburg

Follow our presenter behind the scenes of the Grand Elysée Hotel Hamburg and learn the latest news around the hotel! Have fun!

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101 Future Hospitality Days!

Together, safe and healthy: "2G Plus"

The "Lobster Table" in the Brasserie Flum

E-Mobility in the Grand Elysée Hamburg

Le Parc - Gourmet-Brunch

Frisian Fish "Koken"

Elysée Studio

Wine recommendation part 3

"Our way" #restartgastro

Wine recommendation part 1

Wine recommendation part 2

Kindergarten handicrafts part 5

Kindergarten handicrafts part 6

Kindergarten handicrafts part 3

Kindergarten handicrafts part 4

Kindergarten handicrafts part 1

Kindergarten handicrafts part 2

Your best conference by far

Hybrid meetings

Whiskey Sour

Grand Elysée Royale


Raspberry limes tart

Rhubarb meringue tart

Summer strawberry tart


Summer Drink Lillet

Summer Drink Mojito

Asparagus Risotto

Butter Chicken


Wine recommendation

Wine recommendation

Wine recommendation



Beef Spice



Piazza Romana



My Hamburg

Top Seven

The Grand Night 2019/2020

The perfect Christmas menu

Christmas Magic

Cooking Clip: Truffle soup

Cooking Clip: Christmas menu

Top Seven

Grand Ballroom

Summer Party 2019


Herrmann live

Top Seven

Mobile Key

Dragon Boat Race 2019

HSV Sponsors Cup

Summer Party 2018

Dragon Boat Race 2018

The Heart of the City

Grand Christmas Show 2018

Cooking Clip: Truffle Risotto

Cooking Clip: Boeuf Bourguignon

Cooking Clip: Bouillabaisse

Cooking-Clip: Hummer-Bisque

Cooking Clip: Apple strudel

Cooking Clip: Grand Cooking Class

Grand Christmas Show 2017

The Grand Night at the Grand Elysée Hamburg

Art from above

Grand Elysee Hamburg Image Film

Grand Elysee Hamburg Trainees