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Gallery in the Elysee

In our Elysée gallery, contemporary figurative painting from northern Germany has been exhibited and promoted in a changing programme of exhibitions since 1985. After as many as 140 exhibitions, patron and collector Christa Block has created a greatly respected forum for the promotion of art in Hamburg and beyond. The gallery presents a convincing range of stylistic and thematic positions and thus pays tribute to the important traditions of realism in northern Germany in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Elysee Prize

The “Elysée Prize for Painting” to promote young talent from the region is endowed with €10,000 and has already been awarded 12 times to students at north German universities. An independent jury consisting of artists, art historians and cultural journalists decides on the winner of the award. On the occasion of the award ceremony, submitted works are shown during an exhibition at the Galerie im Elysée.

After the Elysée Prize exhibition, works are purchased and included in the Block Collection. They are shown permanently in the corridors on the fifth floor of the Grand Elysée Hamburg and can be viewed there. A summary of earlier Elysée winners can also be found here.