Large scale, festive banquet hall with foyer Hamburg Hotel Grand Elysee
Festsaal Tanzfläche Konzertraum Hamburg Hotel Grand Elysee
Floor plan function room Großer Festsaal Hamburg Hotel Grand Elysee

The core elements of the Grand Elysée Hotel Hamburg are the expansive foyer and the Grand Ballroom spread over two levels with galleries.

Our variety of integrated technologies respond to every function and requirement:
Variable lighting concept, concert acoustics system, mobile stage and dance floor equipped with screen and projector.

From the outside, you can drive right up to the Grand Ballroom, and if needed, the hall can be combined with adjoining rooms Altes Land I – IIII.

Facts and figures

  • Ground floor
  • 20–1200 persons
  • 800–1,400 m²

CHARIOT EVENT show productions

Together with the Grand Elysée Hamburg and CHARIOT EVENT productions you can regale your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Be swept away into an amazing fantasy world:
Whether it’s a performance from the 70’s, a Hollywood Dinner Night, a Vampire Ball or a Burlesque Show, we will put on the right show to match your event.

Take advantage of our package deal consisting of a show, a four-course gourmet menu and an exclusive overnight stay at our amazing location and make note of your preferred date at the Grand Elysée Hamburg!

Chariot Event Grand Elysee Hamburg


Assistant Director Convention Sales - Linda Pösse | Grnad Elysée Hamburg

Director Convention Sales
Linda Pösse

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