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Sunday shopping in Hamburg

Here is a list of the upcoming Sunday shopping days in Hamburg:

  • 3rd July 2016
  • 25th September 2016
  • 6th November 2016

The new broadway musical: ALADDIN

A fairy-tale story, opulent costumes, great music and a grandiose cast – ALADDIN is all of these. This musical will enchant you!
The timeless story of Aladdin, the genie and the three magical wishes has been loved across the world for generations. Now this world of fantasy is being brought to the musical stage in Hamburg in the form of a wonderful love story. Aladdin, the genie in the bottle and princess Jasmin experience a wonderful adventure filled with warmth and humour in the fascinating world of an oriental kingdom.
Tickets are available from the hotel concierge!

The Old Elbe tunnel

The tunnel entrance building with its domed roof, the historical, manually operated goods lift and the tiled twin tunnels... it’s worth taking a stroll along the 426m long Old Elbe Tunnel (opened in 1911). During the Second World War it was used by many of Hamburg’s inhabitants as an air raid shelter, although the water could have flooded into the twin tunnels at any time during a bombing raid. Nowadays, the Old Elbe Tunnel is not only a Hamburg landmark and everyday commuter route used by many Hamburg citizens, but it is also a tourist attraction and location for photo shoots and filming.

Driving options

500 parking spaces await you in our underground car park. An AVIS station is located directly inside the building, and you can also use our limousine service on request.