Musical Liebe stirbt nie, Phantom 2 Hamburg
Musical-package 5 star hotel Grand Elysee Hamburg
City of musicals Hamburg 5 star hotel Grand Elysee

Combine your hotel stay at the Grand Elysée Hamburg with a visit to one of the many world-famous musicals the city offers. Whether a weekday or weekend, this will definitely be the cultural highlight of your city trip.

It is simple and easy for you to book your stay with us together with the musical you wish to see, because we look after the rest, leaving you to enjoy your musical journey to the fullest. Details of the musicals we offer can be found on the following pages.The following Hamburg musicals for you to enjoy are currently showing:


This musical adaptation of the prize-winning Disney animation film transports you to the ancient kingdom of Agrabah, which is the setting for Aladdin, Jasmine and the genie to experience their exotic adventures of 1,001 Nights.
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The Lion King

Based on the world-famous Disney adventure, this fascinating musical transports you deep into the beauty of Africa. Simba, his father Mufasa and nasty Uncle Scar are waiting for you!
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Hinterm Horizont

Experience the thrilling story of the musicial Udo Lindenberg that falls in love with a girl in Eastern Germany during the East-West divide.
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Please note that the musical tickets will not be refunded.