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Outstanding training at the Grand Elysée Hamburg

Hamburg, September 2015 – the Grand Elysée Hamburg achieved the maximum score of 100 percent in this year’s repeat audit. This represents a 12 percent improvement for the hotel on 2013.

The exceptional support programme for trainees is a decisive factor in the success. The trainees are given professional support from the first to the last day of their training. To be able to provide the most integral training possible, the training starts off with an ‘Orientation Day’. Afterwards, the trainees are all invited to the hotel for an evening meal and then to stay the night. ‘All-round support’ is ensured by the training officers, school representatives and departmental sponsors. The selected spokespersons for the trainees provide support for any wishes and concerns through the trainee community.

Another reason for the excellent performance is the newly devised ‘trainee scoring’ system created by the founder and owner, Eugen Block. The trainees receive a daily performance review which allows them to assess their progress realistically. Points are awarded for services rendered and an Elysée certificate is awarded to the best student in the group at the end of the training course.

The training is rounded off with a large farewell party at the Grand Elysée Hamburg.


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