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5 star hotel Grand Elysee - nice treatments & massages
Pleasant massages & treatments Hamburg 5 star hotel Grand Elysee

Health and beauty support our positive attitude towards life, physical vitality and well-being. Take a break in Hamburg, pamper yourself and visit the Elyseum Wellness & Spa. Here we will pamper you with the vast range of massages, remove your tension and provide you with energy. Skin-refreshing scrubs and beneficial baths round off our wellness offer for you. 

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Body Treatments

Back and neck massage

This massage provides a long-lasting relaxing effect on the back and neck muscles and effectively removes tension and energy blocks whilst sustainably stimulating your metabolism in order to transport the noxious substances out of your body.

25 minutes: € 39.00

Full-body massage

Classic and beneficial, this full-body massage releases blocks, provides energy, has a positive influence on your metabolism and stimulates circulation.

50 minutes: € 69.00

Aromatherapy part-body massage

As with most massages, the neck and back are treated in the aromatherapy part-body massage. With practised hand movements it is ensured that the musculature is completely relaxed.

25 minutes: € 45

Aromatherapy full-body massage plus refreshing luxury face mask

Your whole body's musculature is treated during this massage and all tension is sustainably removed. In combination with the valuable essential oils, enjoy a relaxing, first-class aromatherapy massage. Your treatment is rounded off with the refreshing luxury face mask which will make your face glow.

55 minutes: € 85.00

Honey massage incl. massage candle and face mask

The honey massage is a very effective massage treatment. Our high-quality massage oil consisting of valuable honey and refreshing ginger extract is enriched with stimulating rosemary; it relaxes the connective tissue whilst simultaneously having a detoxifying effect.

50 minutes: € 85

Sports Massage

As a complement to the classic massage, the sports massage treats targeted tense muscles and fasciae which quickly cramp in sport. In order to quickly reach all tensions and connective tissue weaknesses a deep massaging technique is used by our professionally trained therapists. The effect is supported by St. John's Wort oil, which is renowned for its relaxing effect and warming of musculature.

50 minutes: € 85.00

Foot reflex-zones massage

The foot reflex-zones massage is a very popular massaging technique. During this foot treatment the targeted reflex zones are addressed and tension in the entire body is removed.

25 minutes: € 40.00

50 minutes: € 75.00

Special treatments

Ayurveda oil massage (full-body massage with warm oil) 

The ayurvedic oil massage is an energetic massage with smooth, skimming movements that both relax and refresh the skin and tense muscles. The treatment calms and relaxes the whole body. Blocks in the body are gently removed and the energy stream can one again flow.

80 minutes: € 119.00

Indian head massage

This deep-working head massage with pleasant warm oils treats various acupressure points and relaxes the head, neck and shoulder region. We promise you absolute relaxation.

50 minutes: € 75.00

Indian foot massage

The Padabhyanaga foot massage serves to increase well-being and to stimulate the metabolism and circulation. Various impulses are set via the feet that relax your body and muscles.

50 minutes: € 75.00

Hot stone massage 

During the hot stone massage, pleasantly warm stones smoothly glide on comfortably warm oils across your skin. This combination of gentle massage and deep effective warmth is a true panacea for tension.

80 minutes: € 119.00

Detox massage 

The detox massage has a regenerating and revitalising effect. By using specialist cups in combination with 100% natural ingredient combinations such as birch, mother-of-pearl and edelweiss extract, your body is cleansed and vitalised. The detox massage simultaneously gives your skin new elasticity and transports harmful substances from the cells.

50 minutes: € 85.00 
80 minutes:  € 119.00

Royal Cleopatra bath 

Feel like a Queen: The Cleopatra bath is pure luxury! The bath oils of high-quality whey, finest coconut milk and nurturing Shea butter have a calming, harmonious effect and through high-quality wild rose oil are even anti-inflammatory. We also treat you with a relaxing face mask and effective after-care of your skin.

25 minutes: € 40.00

Relax facial

This facial treatment pampers the stressed skin with a gentle scrub, a rich mask and a beneficial massage.

25 minutes:  € 49.00

Harmonising green tea treatment

This treatment with a cleansing effect provided by the green tea harmonises body and soul. This beauty treatment is precisely the right thing for stressed skin with a body scrub, body mask and relaxing full-body massage.

80 minutes: € 124.00

Experience the sea 

Experience the sea up close with a body scrub, body mask and the full-body massage which are complemented by the rich care products with ingredients from the sea.

80 minutes: € 124.00

Service included in our wellness area

We have thought of everything when it comes to the wellness area. You will receive 2 towels, a robe and, if you wish, a pair of Elyseum flip-flops for € 4.

We have exclusive half or whole year memberships on offer for you. We are happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the various membership options or simply visit our page Elyseum Wellness & Spa.


Do you need to cancel your massage appointment?

If you are unable to make a treatment or massage appointment, we kindly ask that you cancel at least 24 hours before. You will otherwise be liable to pay 50% of the treatment price.