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Rothenbaumchaussee 10
20148 Hamburg

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Massage in Hamburg

Treat yourself to a massage at the Grand Elysee

Beauty is not only something cosmetic, it also has to do with health; it promotes our positive attitude to life, physical vitality and well-being. Take a wellness break in Hamburg and visit the Elyseum Wellness and Spa. In Hamburg, we will indulge you with a wide variety of massages to relieve tension and provide energy. Skin-freshening peelings round off our wellness offer for you.

Overview of our massage treatments

Included services in our wellness area

Of course, in the wellness area of our Hamburg hotel you will receive two towels and a bathrobe on loan free of charge. If you wish, you can purchase our Elyseum flip flops for 5 euros. We offer exclusive half or full year memberships. Please contact us or visit the Elyseum Wellness & Spa page to find out more about the various membership options.


Massages & body treatments in Hamburg

Our wellness experts at the hotel are highly trained and will be very happy to look after of you with classic treatments. Have a truly relaxed stay in Hamburg and let us give you a massage.

Frau auf dem Rücken liegend mit Rosenblättern bekommt eine Rückenmassage im Hotel Grand Elysée in Hamburg

Back, Shoulder or Neck Massage

This massage relaxes the back and neck muscles and effectively releases tension and energy blockages, while your metabolism is stimulated to remove harmful substances from the body.

25 minutes: 55,00 €
50 minutes: 95,00 €

Eine Frau liegt auf dem Bauch und lässt sich den Rücken massieren

Swedish Body Massage

The entire musculature of the body is treated to provide a long-term release of tension. We use essential oils together with a base oil of coconut and jojoba, gently massaged into the skin. Flowers and fruits provide the vital, ethereal essence that nourishes your skin and makes it glow.

50 min: 95,00 €
80 min: 135,00 €

Tiefengewebemassage im Grand Elysée Hotel Hamburg

Deep tissue massage

In order to reach all the tensions and weaknesses in the connective tissue, deeper massage techniques are applied by our professionally trained therapists. The effect is strengthened by the use of Saint John’s wort oil, which is known for its relaxing effect and the way it warms the muscles.

50 min: 100,00 €
80 min: 145,00 €


Foot reflexology massage

The foot reflexology massage is a very popular massage technique. The reflex zones are specifically addressed during this foot treatment and tension is released throughout the entire body.

25 min: 55,00 €
50 min: 95,00 €

Special massages and treatments

More and more influences from India are reaching us here in Hamburg, especially in the wellness and health sector. Massages and treatments from South Asia have stood the test of time for thousands of years; we at the Grand Elysée Hamburg would also like to improve your everyday life in this way.

Frau während der Hotstone Massage

Hot stone massage

During a hot stone massage, pleasantly warm stones are slid gently over your skin on comfortably warm oils. This combination of gentle massage and deep-acting warmth really is a miracle cure for tension.

80 min: 140,00 €

Aufnahme von Öl für eine Massage in Hamburg

Lomi Lomi massage

A touch of paradise awaits you during this traditional Hawaiian massage. Hardly any other culture has such a unique understanding of a relaxed and positive attitude to life. The Lomi Lomi massage focuses on the entire body, releases blockages and tension and stimulates the soul at the same time. Enjoy the warm oil on your skin and a mixture of gentle and deep massage movements performed with hands as well as forearms. Joints are gently loosened and the soothing brushing allows the body's own energy to flow again.

80 min: 140,00 €

Ayurveda Massages

Energising full body massage

The ayurvedic oil massage is an energetic massage based on gentle, stroking movements, which relaxes and refreshes both the skin and tense muscles. The treatment puts the whole body in a state of rest and relaxation. Blockages in the body are gently removed and the energy flows can surge again.

80 min: 140,00 €

Deeply relaxing head and face massage

This deep-acting head massage with pleasantly warm oils treats a variety of acupressure points and relaxes the entire head, neck and shoulder area. We promise you absolute and deep relaxation.

50 min: 100,00 €


Stimulating foot massage

The Indian Padabhyanga foot massage serves to increase the well-being and also stimulates the metabolism and the circulation. A number of different impulses are transmitted via the feet to relax your body and muscles.

50 min: 100,00 €

Frau liegt entspannt auf dem Rücken und bekommt gleich eine Honigmassage

Honey massage 

The honey massage is a highly effective massage application. Our high-quality massage oil consisting of valuable honey and refreshing ginger extract is enriched with stimulating rosemary and it relaxes the connective tissue while, at the same time, its detoxifying effect unfolds.

80 min: 140,00 €

Signature massages with VITALIS Dr. Joseph

Round off your wonderful stay in Hamburg agreeably with a premium treatment in our wellness area. Let yourself be truly indulged.

Ein Mann genießt eine Gesichtsanwendung und lässt sich massieren

Face massage

... including peeling with bioactive fruit acid and rich nurturing oil

25 min: 60,00 €


Hand and foot application

... including nourishing peeling and aftercare.

50 minuten: 100,00 €

Eine Frau liegt auf dem Bauch und bekommt ein Köperpeeling auf den Rücken einmassiert

Whole body peeling including aftercare

Intensive care peeling based on hay flower and apricot extract

25 min: 55,00 €

Aufnahme einer Frau während einer Massage in Hamburg

Deluxe treatment with VITALIS Dr. Joseph

Should you wish to relax like a king for once, we recommend the deluxe application with VITALIS Dr. Joseph. A full body peeling rich in active ingredients is followed by a relaxing facial massage and regenerating hand and foot massages. The offer is crowned by an intensive, deeply relaxing full-body massage. We use a high quality oil from aromatic pinewood and citrus fruits. 

110 min: 220,00 €

Inclusive services in our wellness area

In the wellness area of our hotel in Hamburg, we have thought of everything. That means you get two towels, a bathrobe and, on request, a pair of Elyseum flip flops for just €5. We offer you exclusive half-yearly or annual memberships. Please do not hesitate to talk to us or visit the Elyseum Wellness and Spa page to find out more about the various membership options available.

Use our vouchers to impart a feeling of well-being as a gift

Some people do such a lot for you. Give a little something back and present moments of well-being at the Grand Elysée Hamburg. How about a voucher for a pleasant massage in our wellness area? Our spa staff will be happy to advise you. All vouchers for the Grand Elysée Hamburg can only be purchased from our concierge.

Do you have to cancel your massage appointment?

If you are cannot attend your treatment or massage appointment at the Grand Elysée Hamburg, we ask you kindly to cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise we will unfortunately have to charge 50% of the treatment price.


Spa Manager Elyseum
Andreas Schiffke

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